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Nathans Summers

Species: Mutant Human

Deadpool closest partner of all time

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Created by

Chris Claremont
Louise Simonson
Rob Liefeld


In-story information

Alter Ego: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
Species: Human Mutant
Team affiliations: X-Men/ X-Force/ Askani/ Six Pack/ The Twelve/ New Mutants/ Avengers/ Unity Division/ The Underground
Partnerships: Domino/ Rachel Summers/ Deadpool/ Hope Summers
Notable aliases: Nathan Winters, Nathan Dayspring, Askani'son, Soldier X, Chosen One, Traveler
Place of Birth: Salem Center, Westchester County, New York
First Appearance:(As Nathan Summers) Uncanny X-Men #201 (1986); (as Cable) New Mutants #87 (1990)


Expert marksman
Cybernetic enhancemen

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Physical AttributesIn Comic

  • Height - 6'8"
  • Weight - 350 lbs
  • Eyes - Blue
  • Hair - White (formerly Brown)

Paraphernalia Weapons

Cable's techno-organic left arm and shoulder possess enhanced strength, and his techno-organic right eye can see into the infrared portion of the spectrum. Cable has also wielded the Psimitar, an Askani weapon that channels his psionic powers, as well as a variety of firearms and other weapons.